Sweet Pettitops and Pettiskirt

Our pettitop and pettiskirt is made with beautiful soft ruffle chiffon and has an elastic waist band.

They compliment each other, children can play in them for dressup as well as wear them for special occasions.


Sweet Rosette Pettitop ~ 3 rose buds $15


Sweet Rosette Pettitop ~ 5 rose buds $15


Sweet Ruffled Pettitop $18


Sweet Ruffled Legging $12 


Sweet Pettiskirts

Sweet Rosette Pettitop with detachable flower brooch $15


Sweet Tutu Cute Diamante Pettitop $15


Sweet Ruffled Legging $12 Zebra Satin Ruffled Top $10



 Sweet Ruffled Bloomers


 Pettitops & Pettiskirts Sets

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