Hens Party Towel Cake


Bride To Be Towel Cake $90 



Gorgeous towel cake for the bride to be, perfect for a Hens Night Party. It contains all the fabulous stuff for fun night from start to the end.


1 Large Cotton Bath Towels

1 Fluffy Horns OR Furry Bopper

1 Shot Glass OR Collier Necklace

1 Garter

1 Award Ribbon "Kiss Me, I'm single"

1 Party Game to keep the girls laughing

4 Strawberry Chupa Chups Lollies for that sweet tooth

1 Heart Gift Box for Bride To Be Keepsake

Ingredients card

Gift card

Reusable cake board

Gift wrapping in white tulle topped with ribbons and bows in coordinating colours

*Please choose the designs when you purchase this towel cakes: Fluffy Horns OR Furry Bopper*



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